Christmas Presents in July!

What's Christmas without presents? A bunch of micro-humanoids singing around a tree while floating on a mote of dust through an unforgiving jungle? Screw that! I'm here to make sure your July is merry and bright. And to do that, I'm offering you the chance to download any or all of my books FREE this weekend.

That's right: FREE. Just click on the links below to be whisked off to the magical world of Amazon, where you'll be able to buy my novels for the extremely generous price of $0.00.

I'm practically giving them away! And by practically, I mean literally. And by literally, I mean the official definition of literally prior to 2015, when dictionaries were forced to acknowledge lingual drift meant the term had become synonymous with its antonym, figuratively.

You know, I'm concerned I may be wandering off topic. Here are the damn links:
Hurry - supplies are limited. Well, okay, they're not really limited. But they're only going to be free through Sunday, so get them now. Then send your friends the links and tell them to get them now.

Good reading, and Merry Christmas in July.