Year Six and All’s Well

It’s that time once more.

I can’t believe this will be the sixth year we’ve held our Christmas here online with all of you. (Please don’t send up six geese a-laying, there’s a no pets clause in our lease.)

We hope you’re looking forward to this as much as we are. We’ve been collecting more music, more movies, specials and episodes, and more randomly holiday-branded baubles and doodads to share with you.

As a refresher for any newcomers, here is our pledge to you:

  • Between now and Christmas, this blog will update at least three times every day (approximately every eight hours).
  • Erin and I will listen only to Christmas music whenever we are in control of our aural environments
  • We promise to watch at least one Christmas-themed special, episode or movie every day
  • As time allows we will experience other holiday activities, such as decorations or events, and report back

In past years, we have also reported the slow and steady fracturing that our psyches take under the onslaught of yuletide. This year, we’ll have to see what happens, because we’ve been building up a resistance for the worst the holiday can throw at us.

So I feel ready. I feel pumped. Sure, give me Hallmark movies. Throw terrible animation my way. Endless renditions of Jingle Bells. This month, I will cry glitter and bleed peppermint and it will only make me stronger.

Welcome to the the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. I enjoy reading this every year. I started reading because i went to highschool with aaron but i would read anyways,


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