Welcome Back

Welcome back for the tenth season of Mainlining Christmas!

If you're a long-time fan, you might recall that we made some changes last year. We didn't push ourselves to post so often so that we could concentrate on quality.

At the end of the season, we also announced the impending arrival of our assistant, who was born in due course this past summer.

As you may have guessed, while we will continue to consume large amounts of seasonal fare, we have other ways to challenge our sanity this year. And this is for the best.

Because we have been doing this for so long that we've begun to build up an immunity.

It's no longer hard to listen to only Christmas music for a month or more; in fact, I've been turning it on in the summer when I need to relax. Few Christmas episodes and movies hold surprises for us, for we are masters of holiday tropes; we can see a last-minute Santa reveal coming before the first hint of snow clouds. In short, the mental and physical challenge aspect of the original project has melted away like a candy cane in hot chocolate, leaving a minty residue and the strength to shrug off the worst the season can offer.

Therefore, while we're not going away, we'll concentrate on things that are new or particularly interesting, and maybe we'll revisit and update some posts that were written in the early years before our holly-jolly senses were so sharply honed.

If you're missing the festive firehose of reviews, just remember the archives are only a click away. We hope you'll stick around, and let us know how you've been carrying the spirit of Mainlining Christmas with you all through the year.


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