Year Nine

Welcome back to Mainlining Christmas. Pull up a chair. Relax. Have a cup of hot chocolate.

We've been meeting up like this for a while now. Nine years and counting - that's a tradition! In that time, we've tried to do our best to keep everything running, to keep the Christmas magic churning out as it always has. Got to save the holidays and all that.

And in some ways, this year will be no different. We'll keep reviewing Christmas movies and specials, we'll keep subjecting ourselves to mind-bending quantities of holiday music... you get the drill.

But, here's the thing: we're not getting any younger. And, partially because of that, things need to change.

That's a long-winded way of saying we're relaxing some of the rules around here. We're dropping the "post every eight hours" gimmick - that was fun at first, but it's gotten a little silly. We'll still have quite a bit to share, but we're dropping the quota, partially because we want to leave the door open to producing more episodes of the podcast between now and the 25th. Those things are time-consuming, and we'd rather sacrifice a dozen mediocre reviews for another episode.

If you missed any of our previous installments, you can find them here.

But that's not the only reason. We've also discovered there's an inherent flaw in the premise of this blog. It wasn't a problem at first, but as time's gone on, it's become an issue. While Mainlining Christmas has been a great way to expand our concept of the holidays and experience new things, it hasn't given us a lot of time to revisit old favorites. Cutting back will give us more time to do that.

So, join us once again for another year of holiday cheer. And don't worry if that hot chocolate tasted a little funny. The poison's slow acting and rarely fatal. And besides, we're hiding the recipe to the antidote in this year's posts. Think of it like a game.

Once again, thanks for joining us.