It's What's for Dinner

As Americans, we're used to winning. We're used to being the best, especially when it comes to war. But if we want to hold on to our crown, we're going to have to step up our game this holiday season, because England has completely redefined the war for Christmas. They're relatively secular, so their fight isn't over chopping Jesus up and stuffing him in boxes in a misguided attempt to put Christ in Christmas: they've found another issue to fight over.

ABC has an article up about some animals rights and environmental groups battling to keep reindeer out of Christmas. Specifically, Christmas dinner: a supermarket chain is getting ready to sell the meat to families who want something with a clearer holiday connection than ham.

I don't really have much invested in either side of this debate, beyond being amused there's that much interest in reindeer meat during the holiday season. The stuff isn't cheap, either - about $12/lb. I'm sure the groups fighting against this are interested in larger issues, but this offers them some awfully easy soundbites, as evidenced by the "eating Rudolph" quote in the article.

Regardless, it's nice to see England engaging in the seasonal fights, protests, and insults that, to many of us, have come to represent the holiday season.