The Mainlining Christmas Yet to Come

Like a tree nurtured and grown, another year has been cut down, dragged inside, strung up with bright lights, dried out, and inevitably caught fire. To put it plainly, Christmas 2017 is gone. And with it, we must also bid farewell to another "season" of Mainlining Christmas - the eighth since we started this little experiment in holiday bingeing.

So, then. What now?

In past years, we've vowed we'd be back in more or less the same form (or halfheartedly claimed we were shutting the whole thing down, only to pull a last-minute twist).

This time... I'm not so sure.

I mean, we'll be back in one form or another - we have way too much fun to walk away altogether. But we've been considering a format shift. The rapid-fire of reviews is getting a touch mechanical to write (and I suspect to read, as well).

We enjoyed making the podcast this year - we're planning to put together at least a few more of those. Beyond that, we're still figuring things out. We might kick this up again next Black Friday's Eve, same as always. Or maybe we'll drop the "three-a-day" quota and devote our time to more in-depth explorations of themes and focus on the most significant specials and movies.

If you've got opinions, feel free to shout them out in the comments or Facebook or something. If there's something you love (or hate) about this blog, we'd love to take that into consideration as we look forward.

As always, thanks for coming by.