Music for Seasonal Survival

As we've continued to expand our collection of Christmas music, I keep finding new songs to enjoy. This year, listening to nothing but holiday music was hardly a trial at all. Here are some of the new tracks that got a lot of play on my iPod this month.

Broadway: Carols for the Cure Volume 13 (Various, 2011)
There are plenty of fun tracks on this CD, but I kept coming back to just a few. Because I can't point you anywhere to hear these recordings, I'm excerpting a bit of lyrics of each.

St. Nicholas Sky
This rock anthem from the cast of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark is better than any music actually in that show. I really warmed to this song quickly, and I think they did a great job with it
I dream the (light?) with open arms and wander out into the stars
Remember when the world was ours - I look for you.
And I - all I have to do is close my eyes, and I will (watch?) the darkness come alive
And, how I wish that you could be with me tonight, under the cold St. Nicholas Sky.

A Christmas Carol
This is a short hilarious ditty from the cast of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It mocks several traditional carols and is overall fabulous.
Christmas Time is here, by golly / Disapproval would be folly
Deck the Halls with hunks of holly / Fill the cup and don't say when
Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens / Mix the punch, drag out the Dickens
Even through the prospect sickens / Brother, here we go again.

Waiting for the Snow to Fall
This is from the cast of Billy Elliot. It's a lovely song for Christmas in the city, a mixture of melancholy and hope.
This city has a way of making orphans of us all
We're coming here to make it - sometimes we're lonely and small
But once a year, the city is magic and bright
There's something in the air that just feels right
Every inch is decorated, what a lovely sight - and I'm waiting for the snow to fall.

A New Thought For Christmas
(Melissa Etheridge, 2008)

Now this is the best way to blend carols into a new song, I think.

It's Christmas Time
Rock out, Melissa.

Also nice from this album: Light a Light and Ring the Bells

The Hotel CafĂ© presents... Winter Songs (Various, 2008)
This female singer-songwriter sampler has some tracks I just love.

All My Bells are Ringing (Lenka)
I find the beat here - almost a light doo-wop style - totally adorable and addictive

Mistletoe (Colbie Caillat)
A somewhat meditative song about love; I really like the chorus.

Also great: Winter Song, Sleigh Ride, Maybe Next Year

Holly Happy Days
(Indigo Girls, 2010)

Yeah, I can still be a sucker for the Indigo Girls

The Wonder Song
This would normally have too many religious overtones for me, but the harmony here is just so nice and warm. I can't resist it.

Your Holiday Song.
Okay, I can also still be a sucker for multi-culti holidays. Especially when it's this good-natured and sweet.

Happy Holidays.