A Seasonal Announcement from Mainlining Christmas


Yes you, you lucky people. What did you win?


It’s July, and this year we’ve decided that 32 days of holidays in the winter just aren’t enough, so we’re bringing you some special Christmas in July content.

According to Wikipedia, “Christmas in July” has a few different contexts:

First, starting in the 1930s, some American summer camps would hold a special Christmas in July celebration, including decorations, presents, and Santa.

Second, places in the Southern Hemisphere where July is the middle of winter sometimes hold bonus Christmas in July parties to make up for the fact that it’s boiling hot on December 25th.

Third, and perhaps most familiar to us, it’s a lovely excuse for a sale at a time when marketers are stuck in a lull between the Fourth of July and the Back to School season.

We may touch on all these areas, or not. It’s summer, we’re not making too many promises. Maybe we’ll go to the beach and send you pictures of starfish photoshopped onto fir trees.

Since it’s a holiday-related phrase that exists, there are in fact tv shows, movies, and specials specifically dealing with “Christmas in July.” We’re celebrating with some new reviews, some old pieces revisited, and of course strategies to keep Christmas with you all the year, whether Christmas wants to stick around or not.

Stay tuned.