It's Here....

Toys R Us, 9/16/14. Front of the store, right beside the Halloween Merchandise
If you're tired of waiting for the holiday's, we've got some good news: Christmas is already here. It's still small. It's still hiding in the shadows, biding its time while it grows. Sort of like in Alien, when the xenomorph skittered off after bursting through John Hurt's chest. Now it's out there somewhere. Waiting. Watching. Preparing to leap out and wish you a Merry Christmas.

It's September, so it's no surprise the Lego Store was eager to devote their front window display to their new Christmas offerings. 9/19/14
But you don't have to wait. You can go see it for yourselves. Corporate stores everywhere have begun strategically setting holiday products in their aisles. And as the world's premier Yuletide website, we here at Mainlining Christmas felt it was our responsibility to document the occasion.

K-Mart, just getting started on 9/9/14. Even with a significant portion of their shelves bare, there's already a respectable selection available.
If we have one complaint it's that many of these stores were wasting valuable real estate on Halloween costumes. Halloween, as you well know, won't roll around until October 31st. Shouldn't they wait until the remaining back-to-school supplies have been unloaded then sell the costumes there, rather than impinge on Christmas's shelf space?

Fred Meyer, 9/6/14. The front line in the battle of the holidays. Word to the wise: don't bet on Halloween.
Of course, there's no reason you can't go out and see for yourself. The stores in these photographs are chains located all over the country - I'm sure you can find similar sights in your own hometown. Just take care: Christmas has acid for blood, and it's very, very hungry.

One of Michael's many aisles devoted to Christmas, 9/16/14.