A Message from Mainlining Christmas

It's Thanksgiving, and we at Mainlining Christmas would like to take a moment to tell you what we're most thankful for this year, as we settle down with family to enjoy this glorious holiday.
Just kidding - everyone knows there's no such thing as Thanksgiving; not anymore.  No, today is actually the Thursday before Black Friday.  This is a day of rest before the official start of the Christmas shopping season.  Even most retailer stores are closed today, so they can force their workers to come in at midnight and start setting up.
Yes, today is a day to kick back, eat some food, so you'll have energy tomorrow, and try to trick your loved ones into telling you what they want for Christmas (this is why families traditionally come together on the day before Black Friday, by the way).  It's a day to fire up the old computer and search for deals on Amazon, before they start selling out of DVD sets and iPads.
So get your shopping plans in order, your cars full of gas, eat some food, and enjoy your last few minutes of peace.  Because, let's face it, none of us are going to have anything to be thankful for until December 26th.