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Holiday Flash Games

Yes, it's the holiday season, but you don't need to wrap those presents yet. Come on, you don't really need an excuse to waste time online, do you? For your amusement: a handful of my favorite Holiday themed online games. Factory Balls: Christmas Edition A puzzle game about painting white balls in various patterns.  It's more challenging, and more fun, than it sounds, but won't take that long to finish. Grow: Ornament A bite-size grow game, shorter and simpler than the original Winterbells A simple "use the objects to jump as high as you can without falling" game, set apart by the use of an adorable snowy setting. Garden Gnome Carnage Fling the gnome-on-a-bungee around to fight off legions of Santas and elves as long as you can.  Yeah... it's kinda weird. Christmas Lights Spot-the-Difference Like most spot-the-difference games, this is pretty easy, but there are enough scenes for you to get heartily sick of "